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Italian Top Models are part of the Toy Slaves Group and are the Finest Escorts that Toy Slaves has to offer; providing excellence in all aspects of eroticism, sensuality, sexuality and role play. All speak English, some speak additional languages, like French, German, Spanish and of course Italian.

The Italian Top Models are often on the fly, being the Jet-Setters that they are, they are often on out-calls with one of their many admirers who shower them with gifts and buy them the very best couture, then take them out for a night of dinner and dancing at a popular Second Life club.

Dress and Deportment: The Models wear the most exquisite ensembles, from fashion dresses to lingerie, latex, bondage gear, anything to accentuate their physical assets, and display themselves to you. Full nudity is also common in the Villas and Play Areas.

Fetishes: The Models are trained and skilled in just about any fetish you may imagine. We are fully equipped with all the facilities, and the Models also have access to other facilities within the Toy Slaves family should what you need or want not be available readily.

Toy Slave Top Models like Carmela Umia...

Hot. Sultry. Olive skinned. Her body is firm and athletic. She does everything with passion, with heart, with soul. And at the moment, she is driving, on the ragged edge, pushing the envelope, finding the limits of the car, and herself.
She sees you, tall and muscular, shirtless, hitchhiking like a peasant. She feels inside her a need she thought she had lost. Slams on the brakes, the bright Red Ferrari Enzo comes to a screeching halt in a cloud of dust and tire smoke.
Perplexed, you wait until the dust settles and then you see her, barely clothed, turned on the seat to face you. Her body, her smile, her sexuality appeals to you, and without a word, you climb in the car beside her.
She races down the mountain road, driving the car with total abandon, her eyes fixed on the road, your eyes fixed on her. Barely slowing down, she turns the car into a courtyard and stops in front of a stone and brick villa. As she steps out of the car, she steps out of her clothes, still without a word. And you see this ravishing beauty, skin shiny, nude in the daylight. She takes you by the hand and guides you to the house, never speaking, yet saying so much. Now, you must make her yours.
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